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Process Gas Filtration and Purification – Extracting Harmful Impurities and Contaminants

Our Process Gas Filtration and Purification systems are engineered to expel impurities and contaminants to enable the efficient manufacturing of displays with increasing pixel density. The technology includes high particle removal efficiency, high flow/low differential pressure and low outgassing. It is highly transparent to molecular contamination.


Available in a variety of materials like PTFE, stainless steel, nickel or ceramic medium to meet the compatibility requirements of inert or corrosive gases in ambient or high temperature conditions, Pall Process Gas Purification systems expel common molecular impurities including moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. These impurities cannot be removed by particle filtration; they require a reactive bed of material for removal. Another issue that arises from process gas filtering and purification is the filter's potential for outgassing harmful impurities and for particle shedding. Pall puts quality first when constructing filter and purification components and recognizes the importance of proper material selection, cleanliness standards, housing surface preparation, and specialized manufacturing processes with regard to product quality.



  • Bulk distribution systems
  • Point-of-use (POU)
  • Large volume flow gases
  • Rapid venting and load lock interfaces
  • Vacuum chambers



  • Reduction in gas related defects
  • Custom media tailored to filter a variety of gases
  • Low Cost of Ownership (CoO)
  • Industry leading filter quality
  • Reduction in outgassing and particle impurities


Our Process Gas Filtration and Purification systems are engineered to decrease particles and impurities from critical process gas streams. Contact a Pall expert help you optimize your systems to maximize your site’s performance by eliminating defects.

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