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Advanced Ultrapure Water Filtration for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Ultrapure Water Filtration products are engineered to exceed cleanliness requirements, specifically with regard to the need for quantitatively removing colloidal silica, particles, total organic carbon (TOC), bacteria, pyrogens (bacterial fragments) and metal ions. Pall recommends filters at critical points in the water filtration path in order to achieve the desired ultrapure water quality.


Pretreatment is required to operate RO units effectively and economically. Pall pre-reverse osmosis (Pre-RO) filters provide a consistent, high-quality. This permits RO units to operate at lower pressures for longer periods because of reduced membrane fouling, decreasing electrical power costs.


Resin Trap filters offer protection against potentially catastrophic downstream contamination often released by ion exchange beds. Pall recommends UPW systems have ultrafiltration modules installed as the main filter in the UPW water loop. Microza UF modules containing up to  4,000 daltons molecular cut-off rating reliably remove l contaminants such as colloidal silica, bacterial breakdown products and molecules larger than their removal rating.


Pall experts can recommend filters for successful UPW systems to decrease RO electricity costs, extend PM frequencies, and reduce defects.




  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Reduced electricity in RO systems
  • Extended PM frequencies
  • Reliable particulate cleanliness




  • POU Cold/Hot UPW
  • Resin Trap Filters
  • UF Prefilter
  • Central/Loop Filters
  • Tank Vent Filters
  • Cooling Water Filters
  • Ultrafiltration Modules
  • UPW Purifiers


Pall Ultrapure Water Filtration products reliably and economically remove contaminants from incoming water. Contact a Pall expert to learn more about how Pall’s UPW filtration technology can help maximize UPW system performance.  

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